Pas de Deux: Part One (A Cross and Pointe Novel Book 1)Pas de Deux: Part One by Wynter S.K.
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Pas de Deux: Part One penned by Wynter S.K., is a new adult romance novel that introduces the burgeoning relationship between Samantha “Sammi” Carnevale and Cillian Ronan. Set in present day Boston, this emotionally captivating story features a slow burning romance between a woman battling demons from her past and a war hero struggling with growing accustomed to civilian life. Sammi, an independent Italian American with a protective family and dreams of opening her own dance studio, is desperate to let go of the traumatic events of her past when she meets Cillian, a native Southie, who has his own dreams of restoring his father’s gym to its original glory. Both Sammi and Cillian are emotionally scarred from events in their recent past that make it difficult to acknowledge and accept that some things in life are difficult to control and that the past should not dictate the future.
Indeed, Wynter S.K. develops two characters struggling with how to cope after loss. For Sammi, she must cope with forging a new personal identity after loss of self, and with Cillian, he must learn to live with the loss of a loved one. S.K. does not bog down their relationship with meaningless sex scenes or insta love romance; rather, she focuses on both Sammi and Cillian’s individual emotions as well as their connection as human beings struggling to make sense of life after loss. They are two individual, fleshed out characters who must flourish independently before they can succeed together. They are there to support one another, but neither uses each other as a crutch.
Unfortunately, Pas de Deux ends on a cliffhanger! Normally, I loathe cliffhangers and will skip reading stories that include one; however, Wynter S.K. ends at a natural break in this novel. It does not end in turmoil nor does it make one want to scream with an abrupt ending. Instead, Wynter S.K. has pulled me into this captivating story of two people struggling to adjust to new realities, and it is a sign of a good author that you can bet I will be reading part two when it is released on March 1st. And as a healthcare professional, I applaud Wynter S.K. for painting mental health in a respected light. Many people struggle with loss after traumatic events and it is not normalized often enough. It is wonderful to read a story that deals with loss and life after in such a realistic manner. Sammi is not a princess that needs to be rescued by a prince. She is a woman who is learning the value of human connection and its role in life after loss.
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