Reclamation: Murder at the BeachReclamation: Murder at the Beach by Erosa Knowles
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How far would you go if someone you trusted took your reason for living?
Meet Max Delgado, a retired Navy SEAL who opened Club Reclamation, a safe haven for veterans from every branch of the Armed Services. When his son, Kevin is kidnapped by his long time babysitter, Max will stop at nothing to get him back. He turns to the people that know him best, his fellow veterans.

Club Reclamation is a place that you can feel at home around people who understand what you have been through and help you get through tough times now that you are back. A place to ask for help and sometimes give it. There is one rule, respect each other and the club.

Tamara Gibbs has finally gotten her life back on track after a nasty divorce. She is hesitant to trust again, especially when the lawsuits against her start. One of her agents goes rogue and steals from her only to wind up dead. Carin, seems to be the piece tieing Max and Tamara together. Max has to protect Tamara from getting swept up in the chaos, and it may not be the chore he thought it was. Will he be able to save everyone he cares about?

As the first book in a series, this book does a great job setting up for an intense ride. I was instantly caught up in the drama surrounding Max and his comrades. I felt that this was almost a case of good versus evil, except you aren’t quite sure yet who is good or evil. I caught myself cheering and jeering as I turned the page. This isn’t just a story of a man struggling to get his son back, he is struggling with the fact that he was taken in the first place. He sees it as a failure and everything that happens while he doesn’t have him, is another thing to add to the list. As a soldier, you have to follow orders, but when you retire, some become lost, that is why this Club Reclamation is so important. Everyone needs someone who understands them, and I think this feeling was captured perfectly in this book. In a world of uncertainty, we need human contact, whether it is a friend, a lover, or a team member, someone to ground us. I am rooting for Max and his friend, and I can’t wait to see what happens to those stupid enough to cross him.
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