Rescue Me, MaybeRescue Me, Maybe by Jackie Bouchard
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Rescue Me, Maybe by Jackie Bouchard is a heart-warming, yet sometimes heart-breaking book about a strong female character named Jane. If you love dogs this story will stay with you for a very long time! It begins with Jane’s loss of both her husband and her dog. We soon find out, she misses the dog more! She dreams of moving back to her beloved San Diego from cold and dreary Philadelphia. Along the way she is asked to help out her very quirky Aunt and Uncle run the B&B in Arizona. Most of the story takes place at the B&B where we meet the most ridiculous guests, a true friends, and a hunky handyman with a grandfather who doesn’t understand how old he is!
There were so many times throughout this wonderful story that I found myself relating to the situations as though I were the one experiencing them. In fact, in the first part of the story we are at the funeral of her late husband, Ryan, and we find that not only are funerals sad, but also incredibly awkward! Who thinks to laugh while reading about a funeral? The author has such a wonderfully sarcastic way of describing Jane’s thoughts that I couldn’t help but find such a melancholy time to be quite funny! Jane is hilariously anti-social which lends to her love of dogs and less than “like” for most humans. She gets herself in to a situations in which the humans prove to be worthy of being in the dislike category, but as Jane learns to care for a puppy named Maybe who is in need she starts to see life in a different way. The way that Jackie Bouchard paralleled Jane’s life to that of Maybe’s journey was so thoughtful and moving. I could feel Jane’s attitude slowly change as she was reflecting on what Maybe was experiencing. I highly recommend this book. It is out of the norm for the kinds of books I tend to read, but I will definitely be purchasing other books from this author!
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