Rose: Road Kill MC Novella (#3)Rose: Road Kill MC Novella by Marata Eros
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Rose, the third installment in the Road Kill MC series, is the ending to Rose and Noose’s story. Rose has experienced quite a bit in the two previous story and this story doesn’t slow down at all. Picking up where Knot ended and barreling its way through to the ending we all want, but didn’t realize we needed until it happened.

Noose steps up and claims Rose. She doesn’t like the MC life, but she knows she’s into Noose. She knows his past is littered with women, but she still wants to be around this man who makes her feel things she’s never felt before. I smile through my tears, my cheeks lifting his fingers. “Don’t you know the difference between happy tears and sad ones?” Noose shakes his head, his hair slithering over his fingers and my face. “No. Don’t know. Never stuck around long enough to figure out the difference.”

In a great effort to not ruin the ending to Rose and Noose’s story, I just want to let you know that the story is great, the writing is on point, and the ending is everything I needed it to be. Loose ends are tied up—pun intended—and you aren’t left waiting for anything. Grab the series, once you stop you won’t want to stop!

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