Savage (Underground Kings #0)Savage by Kim Faulks
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“The wolf paced my walls. The wolf paced inside me. Watching, waiting for an unguarded moment where she could seize control. Her growl tore through my head. No matter how hard I tried to block her out, I felt her power.”

Stuck in a cell of the Carlson Corporation, Mia’s first change is upon her. All that have changed before her have died. She is terrified. She feels the wolf under her skin, telling her to fight, to run. Mia manages to escape, with the guards chasing close on her heels.

The chase. The fight. The struggle to survive as she closes her eyes to give up. The smell of wolf, scent of the alpha. Strong arms cradling her and keeping her safe.

Reading this book, I was Mia. I heard the sounds of the forest, felt the dirt under my nails. When she finally changed, I trembled as well. The sounds of bones crunching and the feel of fur growing. The scent of wolf. Amazing!
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