Saved By The SEAL (Battle Scars #2)Saved By The SEAL by Diana Gardin
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Saved By The Seal is a good book and will keep you invested in the story from beginning to the end.

Saved By The Seal is a love story about Grisham and Greta, two people with a lot in common. Throughout this book you will discover they both have issues with their fathers but for two completely different reasons. Grisham is a Navy Seal at the end of his career due to an injury during his time of service in the Navy he is being forced to retire with honors at the end of the year. He is struggling with where he belongs and his personal self-worth feeling as though he’s damaged and doesn’t want to pass his burdens to someone else. He is a very loyal friend and loves his mother fiercely. Greta who has daddy issues as well hers stemming from her father putting work before his family always with that eventually destroying her parents’ marriage and leaves her and her younger sisters feeling abandoned. Her father also being former military now running his own security firm although he still makes sure his family is still financially taken care of all they truly want is his devoted love and to be first in his life.

This book takes you on an emotional journey, Greta after starting to work for her father in hopes of becoming closer to her dad, she starts getting anonymous gifts that are quite disturbing. This brings out the alpha male in Grisham and he will stop at nothing to make her safe at the same time making sure she feels empowered by teaching her self-defense.

This book is so much about self-discovery, forgiveness, and learning personal self-worth. This book was good and I believe anyone that is looking for a kind alpha male and his perfect match will enjoy this book as much as I did. It was well written and flowed nicely and best part for me was that falling for one another was realistic as they got to know each other. Very good book with HEA although it is a series each book is a standalone.
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