Screaming In The New Year (Romance For All Seasons Book 2)Screaming In The New Year by Jody Pardo
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Oh this book!!! Screaming in the new year by Jodi was super sweet, short yet packed a nice punch. Maggie Silpo is living the dream single life. She has a great job where she gets to travel and do what she loves, an apartment in New York and is a personal assistant and right hand woman to Blake Matthews in his IT Firm Leverage Logistics. Oh yea and she has a crush on her boss. When she comes to town to house sit and monitor the switchboards in case of a catastrophe she expects to be alone for the holiday while Blake goes off on vacation. When Blake has an accident and Maggie finds she’s listed as his medical proxy she must fly off and bring him back. She doesnt expect to see Blake unable to walk due to his injuries. When she gets client call for a job back in New York she heads home. Little does she know she has a surprise coming for New Years this year and the last thing she’ll be is lonely.
Maggie Silpo is funny and smart and loves her job. She works for an IT firm and gets to travel and work in something she loves. When she is asked to house sit at Thanksgiving for her boss she flies off to do her job. She may think her boss is hot but she doesn’t expect him to bring someone home while she’s in her room there. The next morning she makes a joke of it so she can break the ice by showing him her scorecard of the nights performance. When Blake leaves she’s alone and that’s OK by her. She sticks up for herself and has a sense of humor I’d like to have.
Blake Matthews is hot and he knows it. He runs his company just how he likes it and likes to let loose and have fun as well. We don’t get to see too much of Blake’s thoughts as this is Maggie’s story but what we hear is wonderful.
I really liked this story and it was such a short sweet yet fulfilling read . Most definitely a Happily Ever After.
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