Seduction and Surrender (Reckless, #2)Seduction and Surrender by C.C. Gibbs
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This author is a new author to me. I have not read anything before by the author. I thought the book was good. Being it is book 2 in a series, I’m assuming it would be easier if you read book 1 Power and Possession first. It’s not needed but would probably be best if you did. I haven’t read book 1 so it took a while for me to get into it and to really understand exactly what was going on.

Rafe Contini is the billionaire CEO of Contini Pharmaceutical s and the biggest playboy that has had more women then you can count.
He meets Nicole Parrish while she is on holiday in Monte Carlo.
She quickly becomes his girlfriend and for the first time ever, he falls in love with someone. No one can believe Nicole is more than a plaything for Rafe but he quickly shows his family and friends that what Rafe and Nicole share is much more than a fling. He doesn’t understand how they fell in love so quickly but, he’s very happy and so is Nicole. She argues and fights him on just about every issue. Even in the bedroom they get into heated fights which make it that much more explosive between them.

An all-out war takes place between Rafe’s team and Zou’s team. Nothing is as easy as it seems.

Nicole is sent home once she hears of a horrific accident involving someone who is near and dear to her. She’s not so sure she will ever see Rafe again but hopes they remain a couple and he doesn’t get back to his old ways.

Nicole’s Uncle Dominic Knight and Rafe aren’t exactly friends but they are both in the same business sort of. Dominic offers Rafe some of his men for the war about to take place and tells him, they got off on the right foot but if Rafe is serious about his niece, He needs to come out of this alive. Men are flown in from all over the world to get the job done with as few injuries as possible. Unfortunately, someone is shot, another person is captured. Gora comes in with a lot of men and plan to rescue the captured party. Zou demands 50 million to release his hostage. Zou should know, Rafe’s team always comes out on top.

At the very end, someone has the best way to get to Rafe in a busy bar in the city when his guard is down. You will never guess who comes to his rescue and takes care of that threat. Dominic? Carlos? Simon? Nicole maybe? None of them. It was a shock to me and I’m sure it will be a shock to all.
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