Seduction (Her British Stepbrother #2)Seduction by Lauren Smith
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Tristan Kingsley was a 25-year-old playboy going to college in Cambridge. However, he is not any old 25-year-old. He is the son of the Earl of Pembroke. Which means things are expected of him. He is to marry a woman of his father’s choosing and then together Tristan and his wife are to take over the estate.

The only problem is, Tristan is a womanizing seducer who gets what he wants and only keeps women around for one night. Things changed for him when he met Kat Roberts at The Pickerel Inn Pub. She’s a 19-year-old American virgin who is in London going to school. They have a great night and Kat even gives up her virginity to Tristan. They both end up going separate ways for 3 weeks to spend Christmas with their family.

It’s only been a few days and Tristan cannot get Kat off his mind. He walks into his mom’s town house since she invited Tristan over to announce her engagement to Clayton Roberts. When Tristan gets there he meets Clayton along with his daughter who will soon be Tristan’s step sister which happens to be Kat….his kitty Kat!!

Kat automatically tells Tristan everything between them was a mistake and they can no longer be together. Tristan refuses to accept that and tries to get her to give in to him every chance he gets. He actually gets Kat into a few compromising situations but she always puts the brakes on it quite quickly.

Kat tries to keep her distance but, it is going to be very hard considering they are just a few rooms apart for 3 weeks. She refuses to jeopardize her father’s happiness for good sex.

Clayton and Lizzy keep pushing Tristan and Kat together. First to go Christmas tree shopping together and then to get familiar with the area. While shopping one afternoon, a photographer approaches them and says they are perfect for a fairy tale shoot she needs to do. Tristan agrees only after the photographer Jillian convinced them, the pictures will never be seen by anyone and will never be leaked to the press.

After the photo shoot, Tristan is summoned to his father’s estate and tells Kat goodbye. It’s the best thing for them considering they are now step siblings. He also tells Kat, if she changes her mind to let him know and he will be back.

One night / early morning Kat and Tristan’s life is about to come crashing down on them. While watching TV Tristan see the photographer on a news program. Her photo was chosen as the fairy-tale campaign winner and the photos will be displayed all of London for over 2 months.

This book ends in a cliffhanger.

“If you want me, you know how to reach me. All you need to do is say Yes and I’ll come to you. But I won’t come back unless you want me.”
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