Sexiest Man Alive (Book 1) MOVIE BOOK TRAILER: Knight Fashion SeriesSexiest Man Alive (Book 1) MOVIE BOOK TRAILER: Knight Fashion Series by M. Clarke
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SEXIEST MAN ALIVE by M. CLARKE is a spin off of M. CLARKE’S Something Great Series. Some of the amazing characters from that series are also featured in the new Knight Fashion Series, along with some incredibly fascinating new characters for you to fall in love with. SEXIEST MAN ALIVE is a compelling, interesting and heartwarming story. M. Clarke does an amazing job creating real, loving characters. You will feel like the characters are friends of yours and you are right there with them experiencing every situation. Just be sure and include it on your “must read” list.

I quickly fell in love with Nathan Cross. What a gentleman! He possesses every quality that one would look for in the perfect man. He is not only outrageously handsome, trustworthy, loyal, witty, extremely sexy, chivalrous, attentive, and remember I did say perfect!!!! He was a struggling actor, working as a waiter, until he got offered a modeling contract. It wasn’t just any contract. It was for highly successful Knight Fashion Magazine.

During the period of time that Nathan was struggling to make ends meet while waiting on an acting career, he was in a relationship with Olivia. They were madly in love and had been dating for a year. Nathan knew she was the one and planned an extraordinarily romantic celebration where he was going to propose to Olivia. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as he planned.

Olivia grew up with a single mom who worked extremely hard to make ends meet, but they struggled daily. Olivia was determined to be able to financially take care of herself and help her mother. That is why she made the decision to take a modeling contract and move to New York, breaking Nathan’s heart, and hers. And I have to admit my heart broke a little too.

Nathan struggled with trying to forget Olivia when she left. Just when he thought he was moving on and started dating again, he was shocked to see her at the Knight Fashion Magazine party, and even more surprised to find out they were working for the same magazine.

Olivia and Nathan still shared a powerful connection. Jealousy and old emotions surfaced. Would they be able to forget the past hurt and move forward?

SEXIEST MAN ALIVE turned out to be a “cliffhanger”, and I have to admit that I am now addicted to this series. I am anxiously awaiting the next book to see what fate has in store for Nathan and Olivia. Will he be able to forgive her for choosing her career over love? Will they have a second chance at love?
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