SkinshaperSkinshaper by Mark Gelineau
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I did not read the previous novella and I’m sorry I missed it. Although this is a serial and the story is brief, it is action packed and worth the read. In this novella were following Mireia, Riffolk and Ferran.” These acolytes had faced nightmares in Groveland Down without faltering or wavering in the slightest.” They have survived Groveland Down and are now following Mireia and her visions in to a place where horrid madness dwells. They are searching for this place with foreboding lingering in the air.

“This place festers”, “she said There was such revulsion and horror in her words that Riffolk’s throat went dry.” “It wears the taint of the Dark like a stain.”

Mireia can feelbthe suffering of those that are in this place, and Riffolk’s is frightened out of his mind a plagued with doubts about what they are doing and why, he sees himself as a coward and wants to run.

“He had wanted to be a hero, but after traveling for two months with the acolytes, it had become clear Riffolk was not the man for this. He was no hero, nor did he want to be.”

Just as he makes up his mind to leave, they arrive at an Illegal mining operation that appears to be abandoned. When they find a women (Clyne) hanging in a giant bird cage, she has a story to tell and they now have a better idea of what they are dealing with. “They were maddness. Twisted. Broken. A mishmash of parts like someone had taken scraps from a workbench and tried to make something new from them,” “she said with a rippling shudder.” So they have to fight, but is there more happening that they don’t yet understand?

“Maybe what’s buried there should remained buried.”
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