Slip of the TongueSlip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins
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Slip of the tongue by Jessica Hawkins was such a great read for me. Not my normal story type but she did this touchy subject justice and gave it a voice . This was my first read by Ms. Hawkins but it won’t be my last. She captured me from the first page and never let me go. Slip of the Tongue, drops you in the middle of a 7 year marriage between Sadie and Nathan Hunt. Nathan is the doting, loving and caring husband every woman dreams of, until one day it all stops. Sadie is now lonely as they’ve had no physical contact for 2 months and Nathan won’t talk about what’s wrong. Finn is the new neighbor, who of course has secrets of his own, but befriends Sadie and is her confidant now that her husband has more or less checked out. A roller coaster of emotions followed you through this book and you can’t help but feel Sadie’s thoughts, emotions and the struggle she is living with. When Finn starts to get a little to close and Sadie is torn, things start to spiral and emotions are involved. Will Sadie and Nathan work out the issues in their marriage or will Finn be what Sadie needs now? I was worn out by the ending of this book and was sadly disappointed in the ending as I wanted more. More into the future , answers to the rush of information we get in the last chapter, what changes are made to keep going together. All in all a wonderful book that takes you through what a “real” marriage can be and not just a fictional fairytale of hearts and roses.
Now a little about these wonderful characters. Let’s start with Sadie Hunt. She is our POV for this whirlwind and she was so well written I could feel what she felt. Sadie is a working woman in PR. She likes to watch TV and movies and make dinner for her husband. She is a little oblivious to some things around her and ends up taking advantage of it without ever realizing she’s missed the little things . I loved this character for the sole fact I felt like I knew her and her emotions. But her obliviousness and her taking advantage and never reciprocating turned me off her. She made quick choices when things went wrong and sat and stewed on it. Then jumped when something new came along. And her secrets killed me. I don’t know who I felt more sorry for her or her husband but it all goes ok eventually.
Nathan is the perfect man. He and Sadie are the perfect couple. At least to everyone else. Nathan works with the homeless at a soup kitchen and also with those who help fund them. He does everything for his wife. From making her coffee even when he’s not having any, to walking the dog everyday. He always makes sure Sadie is having fun when they are out even with his own crowd of friends. Then he just stops doing anything. He refuses to talk to Sadie until he’s able to be ready and not angry and can speak with a clear head. This man frustrated me but I got it. He felt unappreciated and got tired of giving and getting nothing in return. But he also made me swoon with how he went to battle for them.
Finn. Oh where do I begin with Finn. Finn is the new neighbor and he has some secrets that all come piling down pretty quickly. He is just waiting and watching and making things go in his favor when the opportunity arises. I loved and hated him. He was sweet, attentive, and oh so hot!! When temptation keeps knocking at your door how long will you be able to turn them away?
This book does contain adultery situations but is tastefully done in a way that does not make it seem OK or right. It shows the struggle and the reasons for this character.
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