Snow Balls (Ball Games, #2)Snow Balls by Andie M. Long
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Snowballs by Andie M Long is book 2 but can be read as a stand alone. Snowballs is about Tyler. A 25 year old who still lives with his mom and dad. He has a part time job at a local store but chooses to live at home where his mother can cater to his every whim. He does not help with chores or cooking. His life pretty much revolves around his gaming systems, with an occasional night out with the guys to pick up girls.
For years Tyler’s parents have been telling him that when he turns 25 he has to move out. And sure enough on his 25th birthday he gets an eviction notice in his birthday card from his parents. They give him 3 months to find his own place. But Tyler has a plan. He’s going to make it seem like they can’t live with out him. In the process Tyler actually learns how to take care of himself. He puts more effort into his job and even his attempts at getting a date with Jennifer, a girl he knows through his job at the store. However when his best friend, Lindsay gets a chance at promotion and moving away his chest tightens and his perspective changes.

Can Tyler’s parents live without him in the house? What about Jennifer? Does Lindsay move away?

Another fun sweet read with a little bit of steam between Tyler and…I can’t say! You’ll have to read to find out! 4 stars!

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