Snowfall and Secrets (The Omega Mu Alpha Brothers Book 1)Snowfall and Secrets by Kierra Quinn
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Miami, Florida has been the home of Tess until she decides for a change of scenery and escapes the warm weather for freezing cold temperatures in Mackinac Island, Michigan. Tess jumps on a plane and moves north to start a new job and a new life. When she arrives in Michigan she is faced with a sexy landlord named Lukas. Her new boss sent Lukas to pick her up at the airport since the roads were covered in snow and she would not be able to drive on them. She has a new beginning in a new town that is extremely cold this time of year. Tess wasn’t quite prepared for the weather or for the H.O.T. Lukas.
Tess moved away from her family and friends because she has a secret that she does not want anyone to find out. She feels that moving to a new place will help her keep her secret hidden and won’t have to answer questions from her nosey mom. Tess has a past that was a little wild and she doesn’t want to live like that anymore. She wants to be able to be herself without criticism. The town takes Tess in and takes care of her like she has been there all her life.
Lukas has lived on Mackinac Island all his life and everyone knows his dark secret except the new sexy woman named, Tess. He can’t quit thinking about her. He keeps an eye on her at a distance most of the time because he is scared to love again. Lukas thinks his past will keep him from having a future especially with Tess. What an inspiring love story. I absolutely loved the book and cannot wait to read the next one. Fantastic read…
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