Soulless (Once Wicked Series)Soulless by Sarah J. Pepper
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SOULLESS by SARAH J. PEPPER is the first book in the ONCE WICKED series. This is the second book I have read by Sarah and she doesn’t disappoint. Sarah is an award winning author that specializes in fantasy and paranormal. SOULLESS is a fantasy romance and shows another dimension to her writing and proves her talent as a great author. PRICELESS is a prequel to SOULLESS and will offer a great background read. Although SOULLESS is part of a series, it definitely can be read as a stand a lone. However, Sarah will captivate you with SOULLESS and you will have to read the entire series. It is just that good.

Piper Miller was drawn to Declan Stilts, alias Declan Rumpelstiltskin, by his physical appearance and bad boy persona. He is stunningly handsome, abundantly wealthy, powerful, and has a kick ass body. He also has a kind heart. Declan was consumed with his desire for Piper, who he lovingly referred to as Pied Piper. He had to have her for his own. They could never have the traditional relationship, but they would take what they could.

Piper had confessed that she did not want to be free from him and he could not let her go. His love for her was his undoing. When he pierced her heart with the dagger he saved Piper from death by sharing the Incubus curse with her. From that moment on her heart would beat forever and she was totally his. That would be their curse to carry.

Declan revealed to Piper that her mother, Emily, had sold her to him. Her mother was a very evil woman. In exchange he would convince her husband, who never loved her, to leave his mistress and go back to her. Piper felt strangely guilty because she felt absolutely no emotion when her mother died.

Piper and Declan’s story is extremely intense and will keep you hooked from the beginning. Their chemistry is off the charts and you won’t want to miss a minute of the suspense.

If you like romantic fairy tales and demons, this book is for you. Sarah J. Pepper has created another award winning series. Great characters and intriguing story.
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