Soulless (King, #4)Soulless by T.M. Frazier
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Soulless (King #4) by Author T.M. Frazier is the conclusion to Bear and Thia’s story that began in Lawless and OMG what an epic sequel. Author T.M. Frazier is not only a favorite author of mine but a brilliant writer, a master of storytelling and can write a sex scene like no other! I am in total love and lust over this entire series to date and as usual the author doesn’t disappoint this reader and fan of hers.

Wow, what an epic conclusion to one of the most anticipated stories that I have been itching for ever since meeting Bear in King’s books. First off, after King and Doe/Ray, I didn’t think that the author could top and/or equal that mini series but she equaled it and then some because not only did we get a brilliant story on Bear and Thia BUT we got so much more of King and Ray and oh my, it just couldn’t get any better than that!

Author T.M. Frazier is just plain brilliant, a literary genius in every sense. She knows how to create an exciting, mysterious storyline and make it flow flawlessly, seamlessly, just perfectly in every twisted and warped way. This story was executed in the most beautiful, twisted, ugly, beautiful way and as a reader I am in such awe of her talents. One thing about T.M. Frazier’s stories are that they never, ever bore a reader. Oh no, as a reader, I am glued to every page, I hang on every word, every sentence all the while holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what the next move will be. I am pulled so far into the story that I literally feel as though I am living the story right alongside all of these terrific characters.

I love that I can always count on a strong, tough, bad-ass and still beautiful male and female lead and this book was no exception to what I would expect from this author. Bear and Thia were kick ass, along with the secondary characters, they completely took control of this story from the start and never let up.

Bear, oh gosh, his backstory, his life was so tragic and so devastating that my heart literally hurt so badly for him and all that he had endured. I have loved his character from the very start and my love for him only intensified, tenfolds! This man, this beautiful and broken down shell of a man had been through the worst of times, had lived through such vile and gruesome events that once he fell down that black hole, I was so scared that he would never re-emerge again. When we first see Bear in Lawless, I was devastated for him. I truly felt every horrible emotion that he was feeling. The author left nothing to question, she immediately was able to connect me with him and draw me in on where his head was at and I was fully invested in this man.

Thia, wow this girl, she may not have endured the depths of what Bear had lived through most of his life but nonetheless this girl had her own heartbreak and yes, heartbreak it was. She was so beautiful, inside and out, she was strong, she was caring, she loved with everything she had in her and the love she had for Bear was of epic proportions and I could feel every ounce of it. The tragedy she endured to bring her into Bear’s life was truly a godsend and I mean that for the both of them. As horrible of a circumstance that it was, thankfully, it brought these two broken souls together to start the healing process for the both of them.

When Bear and Thia meet, you can just feel the sparks. I could feel every single emotion, every single ounce of passion and love that they felt for one another, I literally felt it to my core. It was so beautiful, it was so warped and twisted and it was nothing shy of pure magic. The sex, OMG, as per T.M. Frazier style, it was hot, dirty, raw, real, blazing, a real 5 alarm fire! I felt so many emotions while reading about Bear and Thia. One moment, I wanted to cry, the next laugh, then I would be squirming in my seat when it came to their sexual interludes and nail biting when the story moved along at lightning speed wondering what was happening next. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions to say the least and one ride that I would gladly take over and over again!

To this day, my heart still aches for Preppy and the fact that this author still carries his character throughout the book and series is utterly amazing and brilliant and I LOVE every funny interaction we are graced with. His timing throughout the book was planned perfectly and his ghostly “interactions” with the characters was spot on!

Congrats, Author T.M. Frazier, as usual you have nailed this book and this series to date. The writing, your storylines, your characters, well heck, everything is pure literary bliss and I for one cannot get enough. I will be anxiously awaiting your next masterpiece and please know that your talent as an author couldn’t be any more appreciated and I applaud you every single time that I finish one of your books. I beg anyone, who has not picked up one of her books, please do, she is one kick-ass author who you don’t want to miss!
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