Spanish Lessons (Study Abroad, #1)Spanish Lessons by Jessica Peterson
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Vivian is headed to Spain for a semester abroad. She’s very excited to get away from the States and experience life in a completely new environment. She feels a little overwhelmed at first, but all that fades away when she meets Rafa. Rafa is a cousin of one of her friends also studying abroad. Once Rafa and Vivian are introduced, they’re inseparable. That first night they spend practically the whole night, well into the morning, together. He finds her love for art fascinating, and Vivian loves that he’s such a good listener. They really hit it off and find themselves drawn to each other physically. They share a kiss, and Vivian knows nothing will be the same after it. Turns out Rafa is going to be Vivian’s new tutor, and she’s not sure how she feels about it. Of course, having a sexy Spanish man teaching you wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but she doesn’t want to get her heart broken again. She’s been through some tough times and she knows she can’t have a fling for a few months and go home broken hearted. She tries to convince herself to only be friends with Rafa, but the undeniable attraction is there. She tells herself that they can only be friends. Vivian’s best friend Maddie is also studying abroad. They share a room together at the house they’re staying at, and they tell each other everything. Vivian can sense Maddie likes Rafa, and she tries to be happy and let her have him. She’s been going through so much, Vivian feels like she needs to be a good friend and let Maddie take Rafa if she wants him. Through all the tutoring and trips, Vivian knows she wants to be with Rafa but denies it. She tries to fight it, but fails in the end. Vivian can’t stand to see Maddie hurt, but she’s done denying her strong feelings. She knows she wants to be with Rafa, but how can she tell Maddie?

This book was amazing! I love the connection between Vivian and Rafa, and the fun they share together. Highly recommended!
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