Stepbrother's Rules: A 1950's Ageplay RomanceStepbrother’s Rules: A 1950’s Ageplay Romance by Renee Rose
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So this was my first read by Renee and thought it was very different but liked it. I loved the writing style and time setting. The time was 1950’s which I thought was unique, and give her props for writing a book in a different time period. That’s not something anybody can do, and not well either. I admire the author a lot for doing it that way, and she definitely did her research very well because I thought it was incredible how much detail was poured into this. I felt like I was taking back in time to 1950, with a great visual this was.
Her writing in general was great, easy reading and was an easy, and straight forward read. It kept me from beginning to ending especially with the time setting I thought that’s what made this book so good.
So moving onto the character’s heroine is LuAnn, she’s a college senior and happened to be kicked out of her college dorm for bad behavior. Due to her parents being in Europe she has no choice but to turn to her stepbrothers. So surprise surprise her stepbrother her Brad was the one to come get her, which surprised her. He’s older than her. They make a pact for them not to tell their parents on what happened. So now there both living under the safe roof. Something they both have to get used too, when their years apart in age. And one is rebellious and Brad was like a Dom, always felt in control and needed to be. Well how could he be in control when his step sister was a rebellious, doesn’t play by the rules, free spirited person. That was about to change between the two.
The 1950’s time setting worked out great with this story line due to the fact that this time period was male dominated. Due to this Brad planned on not having LuAnn continue her rebellious ways, hence stepbrother’s rules. He dominated her, she followed his rules if not you got punished.
I loved the characters they we’re broth brats at times, not liking each other’s life choices, habits. Or the way things are done. Especially it was made dominated and LuAnn was a rebellious chick. This book was all out sexy, and even made me blush at some content. Overall it was a fast read, but still enjoyable. Definitely would read more from this author.
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