Surfaced (The Clockwork Siren Series Book 3)Surfaced by Katie Hayoz
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Melusine and Levi are on an adventure in this novel. Having heard about some water goblins being trapped. The first person they suspect is Sir Edwin. Sir Edwin’s obsession with Melusine has morphed into a seething hatred and determination to expose her as a siren.
While tracking Sir Edwin down, a peer of Levi’s asks for assistance with a bogart that agitated him and his wife in their new home in Wisconsin. After finding a very simple fix to the bogart problem, and agreeing to help the fellow out they confront Edwin and of course it leads to no where. But its obvious Sir Edwin is up to no good.
“These creature’s kill for fun, Sir Edwin. It’s my duty to keep the public safe from monsters-” Edwin gestured to Melusine. “Then why are you working with one?”
Taking the train they arrive at Levi’s colleagues home only to find out that Sir Edwin interfered with that as well.
With no demands on their time they decide to go to town, in town they see a Flyer for a Freak show and go to see it. While there This is where the whole series really pulls it together. “Monstrous Melusine The Monster Huntess: Chicago accepts and supports the real Miss Dore.”
A really fantastic ending! She was able to tie up all loose ends and conclude the series with a bang.
Even Sir Edwin had to eat CROW.
“She saved my life; he conceded. ”
I am glad I came across this author I will definitely be looking out for new Releases. She really writes with enthusiasm!
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