Surveillance (A Chris Bruen Novel Book 3)Surveillance by Reece Hirsch
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This novel will make you think twice about looking things up on the internet, who you call, and going any place with security cameras. Reece Hirsch writes a very compelling novel about how the government is always watching what we do and who we meet, not to mention what we research on the internet, what we buy if it is of interest to them. Hirsch will leave you chewing your fingernails with how she created this stunning techno thriller. In a world where everything we do is completely computerized right down to how we send a text or receive a phone call, it will leave you wondering if you are on a list and what the government knows about you just from a few things off the internet. This novel is as far as you can get from a conspiracy theory or theorist, but will have you wondering by the end of the first chapter.
With a very diverse cast of characters you can relate to or know someone who fits in with them, Hirsch has taken writing a thriller to a whole new level and sets the bar high for others to follow. No matter what they do, Hirsch has written a scene or scenario that they find themselves in and try to get out of without getting caught. Chris and Ian team up to help each other stay alive and to figure out who and why they are targeted for elimination; while Zoey contacts someone who isn’t on the law abiding side to help her stay alive, she finds herself disappearing completely off the grid so they can’t find her. When Zoey reaches her destination, she is met with some hostility. The best plot twist that no one would ever see coming a mile away, this story will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a very sad but hilarious ending, Zoey and Chris make it out and live to see each other again.
Hirsch wrote with just enough romance to keep even the hard core thriller fans captivated yet writing like it was a love story with trials and tribulations he can catch the romantic side of danger without making it a blood and guts kind of thriller.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.
Remember- Big Brother is always watching you no matter what!
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