Sweet HavenSweet Haven by Shirlee McCoy
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Sweet Haven, a four-star romance read is simply Sweet. Written by Shirley McCoy, is small town romance has no violence, and besides some kissing there is not sex scenes. This story is written in alternating person narration and you are truly able to know both main characters.

Adeline, never left her small town of Benevolence, Washington like her sisters had. Her grandfather is hospitalized and she is taking over his business while he heals, the family store called Chocolate Haven which is very well known for its amazing fudge. Her adorable dog Tiny, her small home, and guarding her heart after Adam tore it apart is the life Addie wants. Her excitement of her life is Tiny getting out and causing trouble all over town, and Addie is okay with that. But now there is someone now renting her grandfather’s apartment, and Addie can’t stop thinking of him. Sinclair is returning home, to the town he escaped from to help his brother restore his home for his brother’s wife who is expecting a child. Sinclair wants to get the house done and out of the town that pitied him all his life, as the poor Jefferson boy whose fathers drinking killed his mother and his himself. Quickly Sinclair is learning this small town holds many buildings needing to be restored, learning his brother isn’t the lazy guy he thought he was, and learning that Addie isn’t the little red head girl he remembers. The chemistry Sinclair and Addie have is a page turner, but Sinclair must find a way to break down the walls Addie has built around her heart.

This small town love story is sweet and cute. The only thing I wish is that we had one scene with Addie and Sinclair together sexually, as each time they are together, you felt the passion and attraction they both felt for each other. the sisters make a brief appearance in the book as well as Addie’s mother. I am very excited to read the rest of the series, and really hope Addie’s mom gets her book, she deserves her happy ending. Shirlee McCoy has written beautiful book, that will touch your heart.
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