SwoonSwoon by C.M. Foss
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I absolutely adore CM Foss’ books. They are unique and heartwarming and Swoon most definitely didn’t disappoint.

We meet Steph who really doesn’t believe in love and to help concrete that idea in her head were her parents. There is no way she would want to end up like them or in a relationship like theirs. So one day she wakes up with a massive hangover and next to the sexy Lawrence who she had a one-night fling with a couple months prior. Even from that first one night stand she had problems getting him out of her head.

Lawrence is utterly swoon worthy. He’s very attracted to the feisty Steph who wants nothing to do with relationships. All she wants is one night stands and never get her feelings involved. Lawrence wants it all and he wants it with Steph so he’ll fight through her thick barriers if it means she’s totally his in the end.

I loved how this book is very different from a lot from what I have been reading. This book deals with horse breeding and physical therapy in which Miss Foss is very knowledgeable on. The banter between the two characters will keep you giggling and swooning all the same.

“What it means is that you shouldn’t get stuck in a rut. You got to read the menu, queenie. Try new things.” “So you’re saying I should keep my eyes open for better options?” He shook his head. “I’m saying I’ve been on the menu this whole time. You just needed to order me up.” This particular quote is from Lawrence and you can’t help but totally swoon over it.

If you’re looking for a lighter read, then this is perfect. There isn’t a whole lot of angst and drama. Steph is sorting out her muddled feelings and Lawrence is fighting for her heart. It’s the perfect read that will leave you with a smile on your face and your heart happy!

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