Sympathy For Diablo (Breathless Eternity Series)Sympathy For Diablo by SE Chardou
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S.E. Chardou did an amazing job of writing this story of Adrian (Diablo) Bissette and Sierra Carter.
Diablo is the lead singer of a European rock band called Breathless Eternity. He is best friends just like brothers with his band mates. His brother Damian is his manager. Growing up he was not rich by any means and his father is the president of a motorcycle club.
Sierra Carter and her two best friends Lizzy and Angie go on vacation for a month in Europe. Angie had been talking Damian online and has developed a relationship. Damian gives the girls backstage pass to the upcoming concert.
During the get together before the concert Sierra grabs down thing to eat when Diablo comes up to her joking around about her eating their food, but Sierra takes it the wrong way and becomes defended. She walks away, Diablo catches up to her and apologizes.
After the concert Diablo decides to take Sierra to a private party at his place. They then spend the next few days together. They are both falling for one another but are afraid to let each other know. Diablo is going on the road for his last few concerts in Nice and invited Sierra since her friends are tagging along with other members of the band. Sierra declines, scared to face the fact she is having feelings for Diablo.
Diablo decides to send for her, before the limo driver gets to her she is abducted by Diablos ex-girlfriend Sorsha. Sorsha writes text to Sierras friends and Diablo making it sound as though she is having cold feet to meet up.
Diablo is freaking out because Sierra blew him off.
After a week Sierra is able to get ahold of her phone and make a call for the police. Her abductors take off and she is picked up and brought to the hospital to be looked over. Diablo’s parents pick her up at the hospital and take her to their home. They get ahold of Adrien to come home asap. When he arrives Sierra is there. They then have a discussion and some news comes out, why his brother Damian dislikes her so much. There is mystery of what happen years ago when Sierra’s mother went to Europe. There are some twists and turns that make this story a great read.
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