The Danger in Daring a Lady (The Naughty Girls #4)The Danger in Daring a Lady by Emma Locke
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THE DANGER IN DARING A LADY by EMMA LOCKE is the sixth book in THE NAUGHTY GIRLS series. This is the first book I have read by Emma Clarke, but I find myself drawn into this series and I will go back and read the others. Even though this book is part of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone. THE DANGER IN DARING A LADY is an historical romance, but it doesn’t dwell on details of the period and lose the focus of the story.

Miss Caitlin Hart is a strong willed, hardworking, no nonsense, independent, beautiful woman. When her sister passed away, she was left with a small farm, Southfield Farm, to take care of. Unfortunately for her, Lord Bamber owns a hugely successful estate that borders Caitlin’s farm. Lord Bamber desperately wants to claim Caitlin’s farm for himself, and will stop at nothing to attain it. Caitlin has refused on numerous occasions to let him purchase it, so he has stooped to devious measures to get his way. Equipment becomes missing, fences and walls mysteriously torn down, and any laborers she hires are bought off or hired by Lord Bamber. Caitlin never waivers in her hard work and determination to make the farm lucrative.

Lord Darius Alexander is an extremely handsome, well dressed, gentleman, and one of five brothers. His brothers deceivingly entrusted him with a letter of credit to deliver to Cheltenham to take care of family business. Lord Darius, known to his family and friends as Lord Dare, is on the verge of being disowned and banned from the family if he makes another mistake. While passing through Hartlebury, he stumbles upon a card game. Temptation sometimes is just too great for a man like him. Things went well for a while, but Caitlin proved to be a worthy opponent and he lost. He lost everything, including the letter of credit he was to deliver to Cheltenham. His brothers would surely disown him now.

Will Lord Dare be able to convince Caitlin to return the letter of credit? Is there a chance for any romance between Caitlin and Lord Dare?
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