The Daring Assignment (The Curvy Assignments #1)The Daring Assignment by Victoria Bright
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Arianna Donatelli, was the daughter of a rich Italian man. They were the type of family that believed in social status. What the audience sees is more important than family. Ari’s mother was a mean witch. Always belittling Ari about her weight and her choice of career. Ari was forced by her parents to be with a man she did not love, Julius. They could not get along with each other at all. They definitely didn’t love each other. Julius was only there so he could get his allowance from his family. Ari was put there with an ultimatum. Ari was a thick beautiful woman. That chose to be an author. Her only dream was to be on the best sellers list. Her agent, Allison was doing all she could to help her make that dream come true. Gia, which is Ari’s best friend, is a wild and crazy woman, that had no shame. She knew how Ari felt about Julius and Gia didn’t like Julius.

Allison, Ari’s agent propositioned Ari about writing an erotic novel. Her original books weren’t making it to the best sellers list. Allison advised Ari to give it a try and do some research on erotica. Ari was not happy about this. She had no experience with erotica. Julius and Ari hardly had sex and when it did happen it was blah. Allison gave Ari a journal to start noting things in to write about in her book. Ari, decided to give it a try. She was just sitting and looking out the window and found her muse. Zane, was a caterer. He owned his own company. Tall, dark, and handsome man. Ari watched him for a while and took down some notes. She bumped into Zane on her way out and it started from there. Gia and Ari came up with some ideas as to how Ari could be more experienced with erotica. Ari needed to do hands on research. She wanted Zane to help her with that research. And so the research begins. This book grabbed me when the research was no longer research. It almost had me in tears near the end. But, Ari stood up for herself and did the right thing. The ending was a great cliffhanger. I can’t wait to dive into the next novel.

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