The Dreams of the Black ButterflyThe Dreams of the Black Butterfly by Mark James Barrett
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This story is quite the adventure. To read this story a reader must have an open mind and be able to follow several different characters and twists. What seems to start out as many short stories, really turns into an unbelievable and connected wonder of writing.

Moises looked up and imagined a giant eye peering down at him from between the clouds, reading a story about a boy from the wing of some immense butterfly. He sat down quickly on the porch step, light-headed with fear. Dreams within dreams: his hopes and fears, and Alice’s, and all the people they had met, all mixed up together. The black butterfly reflected their thoughts and …“I made these things real.”

The belief is that the Black Butterfly has stories written on its wings, but not everyone can read or even see these stories. Some believe the stories are of predictions of what will come to be. Two such people are Senor Dollie and Hawthorne. Hawthorne hires several young boys to help him with the promise of a happier life. While Senor Dollie kidnaps the boy who actually finds the butterfly. Moises finds the Black Butterfly and is able to read the amazing and yet unbelievable stories. Moises reads us ten of those stories but it is to believed that there are hundreds of stories to be read and many butterflies to be found.

Around the world at that very moment, people were still finding black butterflies. Some of them might destroy the insects before they could be read, others would read them in a desperate attempt to find a cure for all the madness, only to use their diseased imaginations to unleash more nightmares into reality. The butterflies were mirrors. Looking glasses into the heart of a species gone mad on the rigours of its own ambition.

This was a story that was completely different from what I usually read. However it was an interesting and thought provoking entertaining story. Mark James Barrett has written an imaginative action packed story. I look forward to read other books by him.
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