The Duke's Accidental Wife (Dukes of War, #7)The Duke’s Accidental Wife by Erica Ridley
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The Duke’s Accidental Wife by Erica Ridley is the seventh in the “Dukes of War” regency romance series and can be read entirely as a standalone though there are inclusions of characters from prior novels into this one. It’s a solid five-star read filled with luxurious descriptions of the era which fully capture the feeling of a book set in the Regency era without losing the reader in unfamiliar language.

‘Kate’ -Miss Katherine Ross- steals the spotlight from page one with her effervescent personality and zeal for life. Her passion for the arts makes the reader want to go out and sponsor a future dancer, painter, or singer immediately to be a part of the art movement. It takes a while to distinguish her reality from the front she presents to the world as a carefree hoyden. In discovering she’s a lonely woman who was orphaned at a young age, one can embrace her as someone who needs love yet is terrified to go after it due to her fear of either losing a child or dying in childbirth herself given she was raised by an aunt who worked as a midwife.

“The sight of tiny coffins even smaller than Kate herself had been more than enough to convince her never to take such a risk.”

‘Ravenwood’ -Lawrence Pembroke, Duke of Ravenwood- never had the qualms of starting a family which Kate harbored. He wanted nothing more than a doting wife, children to love, a family of his own to claim in his empty home since he, too, had lost his parents at an early age leaving him to grow up with no one other than his sister and a guardian who wanted him dead so he could inherit the Dukedom for himself. Unraveling the guarded man from his layers of protection keeps the reader fascinated, desperate to learn more about him as the book progresses. His romantic qualities conflict with his icy “Frost King” exterior in a way which makes him deliciously desirable.

“All anyone saw now when they looked at him was what he allowed them to see.”

Watching Ravenwood slowly allow Kate to see more and more of himself as she exposes more and more of herself to him is breathtaking. The history of the time period the story is set in is embraced fully without being overwhelming to the reader. The storyline of their romance remains at the forefront no matter how often matters of the time are brought up. It’s rare to start a series at book seven without feeling a loss from having not read any of the prior titles, but the Dukes of War series truly does allow each title to standalone; I would encourage anyone who wanted to try an historical romance to give The Duke’s Accidental Wife a try because it deserves every star it can be awarded for its rating.

I love I was able to enjoy the story without feeling I was missing out on the series and I love even more there is a series so I can continue reading this wonderful world without waiting for the next title to release! Light on the sex and heavy on the history, I’d recommend The Duke’s Accidental Wife for a fun read any day.
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