The House by the LakeThe House by the Lake by Ella Carey
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“The House by the Lake” by Ella Carey is a beautifully written story about Anna and her family’s past. She must go on a treasure finding adventure to Germany for her 94-year old grandfather. At first, she is hesitant to go. She owns her own business in San Francisco and is afraid to leave her grandfather alone while she is gone. He all but begs her to go and she finally agrees. Once she gets to Germany, however, her life will never be the same.
Carey gives readers an alternating view on this historical/contemporary romance. We see Anna’s contemporary story, and we see the historical romance between Max, Anna’s grandfather, and Isabelle, Max’s first love, not Anna’s grandmother. Anna is sent to Max’s hometown and childhood home to retrieve an item from his past. She runs into some legal issues and seeks help from the good-looking, charming lawyer Wil. Anna and Wil get together to figure out what it was Max left in his childhood home. After they find the important, missing part of Max’s past, tragedy strikes. Dealing with new developments, Anna is determined to save the falling down, dilapidated childhood home of her grandfather’s. Through the alternating view between the German occupation of the 1930s and 2010, we see the grandeur of Max’s home then and now and how beautiful it could become again. Anna discovers many things about her grandfather’s past that surprises her and comforts her all at the same time. She is longing for the love that Max had. As she meets new family and discovers family secrets, Anna also discovers she has feelings for Wil and wonders if he feels the same.
Not only do readers see a romance bud between Anna and Wil, but we see how Max and Isabelle meet, fall in love, and ultimately end. This beautiful love story will have readers rooting for Anna and Will and in tears for Max and Isabelle. This amazing story is beautifully written and will have you looking for more books by Ella Carey.
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