The King's Daughter (High Born #1)The King’s Daughter by K.T Fisher
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The King’s Daughter is a revamped tale of love and duty. A wonderfully written story that takes place in historic England when a Princess married for duty, not for love, and put country before all things. K.T. Fisher has a way of sucking you in to her narrative and falling for her characters very quickly and thoroughly. She makes you want to jump in and make your feelings known, whether its slapping a fool or defending those being attacked. You root for the good guys and hope the bad ones learn their lesson.

Grace is the eldest Princess of King Stephan and Queen Marie, the rulers of England. She has just turned the appropriate age to attend court and marry. Her older brother George is already at court looking for his future queen when Grace and her ladies in waiting arrive. As the future King of England, George also must marry responsibly, a good match or an ally to the crown before love. That does not mean that his heart has to listen to his brain, as we quickly see a relationship blossom with Grace’s good friend and lady in waiting, Jane. Drama abounds when Princes start vying for Grace’s attention. Meanwhile, James is the future King of Scotland visiting England to see if he can find a future queen for himself. Can they all find love? Can their secrets be kept?

This is the first book I have read by this author, and I am intrigued. This is the first in a new series and I am looking forward to the next book. I hope it is about George and the dilemma he finds himself at the end of this book. I am becoming a very big fan of historical fiction and since this book does introduce us to a young Mary, Queen of Scots, I am hooked to see how this wonderful series unfolds. There is a major theme in this book, love. Whether it is love for family or spouse, it rings true and it is powerful. There are no small characters, just some we haven’t had the privilege of getting to know yet and I look forward to diving into their stories. If I was able to pick a character to be friends with in real life, I would be honored to know Princess Grace and her friends.
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