The Last One (The One, #1)The Last One by Tawdra Kandle
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Meghan is an artist. After coming back to Savannah, GA from visiting her family in Florida, Meghan is convinced to go out for a night in a nearby town to let loose. On that night out though, who would have known she would meet the man of her dreams.

Sam is a farmer. Works long hours and has saved the family farm that is a part of him on every level. Stopping on the side of the road to help out a broken down vehicle is just something that they do in small towns. Meeting someone you end up not being able to forget? Not so normal.

A brief opening of her eyes after passing out is the glimpse of Sam that Meghan remembers vividly out of the entire night. When she goes back to pick up her now fixed car though, he leaves a different impression. One not so friendly. But when she is given her assignment for Artcorps to be an art teacher for the summer to the children of Sam’s small town, she is again tossed back into his path and into his home. Turmoil and harsh words are a way to keep her at arms length, but that feeling doesn’t sit well with Sam at all. Until they come together and things heat up. Will he ask her to stay or will he let her go?

I am forever going to cry over the parting remarks and rejoice over the ending of this story. I want the man by the river too! Pretty please? It’s amazing the things that strike a note with you in this read. It’s not the inner workings that you’re given a view of on both sides, but the dialogue and final openness that gets you. You will cry. You will be aghast. But you will enjoy this read. I know I did.
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