The Root of All EvilThe Root of All Evil by Stephen Hindle
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I was captured right from the beginning, although in some areas there was more detail than I felt was needed. Detective Jack Finney is called in to investigate a case of a deceased females. Chip and Jasmine also assist Jack in his investigation.

Marianna orchestrated her escape and feel’s like she is finally in a safe place in the back seat of a cruiser, until she realizes she is sitting next to her worst nightmare. “The first game was a warning, the second will be so much more fun.” Will Marianna escape her living hell dead or alive?

During their investigation Jack struggles with personal issues. Can he really communicate with the dead? Jack is looking for justice for the families that have lost their loved ones. He also has something from his past that he is still trying to find answers for as well.

There are several other people that we meet during this read. I have only named a few in my review. They all added a great element to the story even though some had heartbreaking outcomes in their lives.

Human trafficking is one of the most lucrative forms of criminal activity undertaken in the modern age. Sadly, the use of people as criminal commodities has yet to cease, even though slavery was abolished in the 19th Century.

What a great debut novel for Stephen Hindle with a fantastic story line. It’s an original story that keeps you wondering what will happen next. It was quite a shocker and heartbreaking when we find out what Marianna’s fate was.
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