The Sins That Bind UsThe Sins That Bind Us by Geneva Lee
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The Authors writing was great
There was a tiny bit of violence….maybe a 1/2 page if that.
There was some sexual content.

Geneva Lee has always been one of my favorite authors and after reading this book, that has not changed. I do however feel like this book had a different style then what I’m used to reading from her.

Grace and Faith are twin sisters who live with their grandma. Grace was always sneaking out at night to go to parties and one night she brought Faith with her. Unfortunately that started Faith on the wrong path with drugs and alcohol.

Faith ended up having a son named Max who was just simply adorable. He was born deaf which was a result of using during her pregnancy.

Faith and Max have been living a quiet happy little life in Port Townsend with Amie…a friend Faith made which quickly became her best friend.

Faith has made Max her number 1 priority and refuses to let anything get in the way of raising a beautiful happy boy. She doesn’t go on dates or have any flings. Amie actually goes as far as to buy Faith a sex you. LoL

Everything was going fine till Max was about 4 years old and Jude aka Mr Arrogant walked into Faith’s NA meeting.
Jude was around a lot and quickly fell inlove with Max and with Faith also.

She’s afraid to let Max see to much because she doesn’t want him heartbroken when Jude walks away. Jude doesn’t seem like he will be walking away any time soon and tries to prove to Faith he isn’t going anywhere. They even end up having family dinners together quite often. The four of them act like they are a family…Jude, Faith, Max and Amie.

So much happens in this book that you do not see coming and are like OMG…what just happened? I’m not sure how much I can possibly write without giving away to much.

The reader thinks they know exactly what is going on and then BAM! The author throws a big wrench in the story but, it was great.

Amazing, easy read that I read so quickly but didn’t want it to end.

“I’ve always had Faith, but I was saved by Grace”
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