The Way Back To meThe Way Back To me by Anne Mercier
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This is a gripping story that sucks you in from page one. A story of love and acceptance but with a different spin that is invigorating and inspiring.

Olivia is a survivor. She doesn’t want to be and struggles with the pain of losing her four best friends, one of whom happens to be her boyfriend, in a car accident. When you grow up in a small town in North Carolina everyone knows you, knows everything about you. Sometimes, that isn’t the best thing. When your pain is broadcasted to the town, you can feel exposed and that just makes you want to hide more. Anything to get away from the pain and the guilt. When Olivia moves into her college dorm at Prospect University in New York, she doesn’t expect her roommate, Alexa, to be a girl from her hometown. She also didn’t expect to see Cameron, Alexa’s brother in her living room. Cameron is a football player and a ladies man on campus. Cameron used to bully Olivia and he is the last person she wants to see. She just wants to study and get through every day. Live the life she was supposed to have with her friends, the Fab Five. Cameron has other plans and a wonderful game of cat and mouse insues. Revelations are made and a beautiful love story unfolds.

Anne Mercier knows how to hook you at the very beginning. I was sucked into her characters and her story so willingly. I am sad that I only just discovered Mercier, but with a cliffhanger like the this one, I am excited for the future. I will go back and read her other books as fast as I can. Mercier does something a little different, at least to me, she starts every chapter with a quote that helps set the scene as it were. They were perfectly selected for each chapter, almost as if she had written them herself. The story was touching and at times I was filled with angst and worry. My heart broke with the tragedy and the aftermath of the accident, but to read the twists was well worth it. Anne Mercier has a new fan.
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