Through Her Eyes: A NovelThrough Her Eyes: A Novel by Ava Harrison
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Through Her Eyes by Ava Harrison was by far my first ugly cry book of this year and I wish I could read it for the first time all over again. Aria has been dealt some hard cards in her life. She feels responsible for her brother Owens death and her parents either ignore her or belittle her for still being alive. Owens best friend Parker was always there for Aria as a shoulder to cry on or to help pick her back up. So it was no surprise that she fell for him but to her, he doesn’t feel same. Parker has a friend called Everest and Aria hates him as he steals Parker from her when he feels the need but the two have yet to meet. When something big happens and Aria says what she really doesn’t mean, she finally takes the trip she and Parker had planned all alone. Will she find herself on this trip across Europe or will her heartbreak and search for self discovery be too much? Along the way she sends Parker postcards documenting her travels like he does for her when he’s traveling. Enter Chase and a whole new adventure. Will we secrets tear them apart forever or is Chase just the thing she needs to move forward?

Before I give a little insight on the characters I have to say the biggest thing I lobed about this book was the interactive feature with Instagram. Never have I seen that in a book but I really liked it!
Aria is a young 22 year old woman who is lost in life. After losing her brother in an accident she feels responsible for, felt she was no longer wanted by her parents. Her dad ignored her and her mom berated her by saying it should have been her and not her baby boy who passed. Arias best friend and love interest Parker is always there to pick her up and make her smile. When events happen, Aria decides to take the trip to Europe Parker and her planned alone. She seems lost and just going with the flow until Chase Porter steps into her path and they begin a whirlwind adventure of putting Aria back together piece by piece. Aria does come out stronger but the journey she takes is a long and hurtful one.

Chase Porter is a photographer who gets to travel the world for work. When he meets Aria he has a new vision for this next project and hopes Aria is onboard for his journey. Chase helps Aria pit herself back together and face her fears. Chase has a big secret and as with all secrets it gets discovered in an awful way at the most awful time. Can Chase show Aria he’s the realm deal and get her to trust him again or is he going to lose her?

This story was a love story but it was not at the forefront. It was more of a self discovery book with love woven in. I cannot and will not spoil this story as in the beginning you think one way but as you move along its not what you really thought its much different. I cried as I got so invested in these characters . Wonderful job Ms. Harrison and I will be reading more from you.

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