Treasured Find (Royal Pride, #1)Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan
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Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan

Rafe Alexander is part of “The Royals” not a single species shifter. He went to find Megan who happened to be a White lion shifter which was nearly extinct. Megan was the only family left.

Rafe approached Josh at the bar he owned called “Black Widow” to get information and that’s when he spotted a beautiful blonde woman that he had to have…Jasmine! She wanted Rafe as soon as she saw him so the feelings were mutual.

Jasmine aka Jazzy has 2 sons named Levi and Seth only she isn’t really their mother. Jazzy is human and the twin boys are shifters. She has been raising them since they were newborns. Jazzy was held in an experimental facility with other women and children. She managed to escape and helped another woman (Seth and Levi’s mom) escape. She actually went back into the facility to try to rescue more women and asked Jazzy to take her children and protect them as they were her own. She managed to keep them safe until they were 5 years old. Only one other person know the twins Levi and Seth were not humans. Mr. Wilkins was the only person she trusted to be around them on a regular basis.

A shifter by the name of Jon who has a past with the Alexander’s is in town and he’s after something important. He will not leave until he has it. In the last few centuries he managed to kill Rafe’s father and kidnap Rafe’s little sister Nina.

Jazzy and Rafe get hot and heavy for a while. She seems to be the only person who can calm Rafe and his cats. Rafe wants to mate her but it’s too much too soon and she needs to trust him 100%. Their relationship takes a lot of hits early on. They are thrown into a house and kept in close quarters when Jazzy and her kids are threatened. Jazzy has no choice but to accept Rafe’s brother’s Kade, Zach and Evan along with close friends Mira and Devin. They are all living together in her house along with Josh and Megan while Jon is on the loose. No one knows exactly who Jon is after, Megan, Jazzy, Levi or Seth so they are there as protection for all of them until Jon is either captured or killed. Jon actually kills innocent humans just for because he can.

A lot goes on in this book and it’s a lot to process. Personally, I’m not a fan of shifters or paranormal books and it took me a few days to get into the book. Once I got into it, the pages flowed. The book was well written and kept you interested…especially if you’re into this type of book.
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