Trouble in Mind (Interstellar Rescue #2)Trouble in Mind by Donna S. Frelick
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As the second book in the author’s Interstellar Rescue Series, Trouble in Mind is an amazing tale of suspense, adventure, intrigue, and sci-fi/other worldly beings.Now, while out on a family picnic with their son, Jack, Asia and Jack are kidnapped and Ethan is badly beaten. Enter, Special FBI agent Alana Matheson (Lana) and telepath/tracker Gabriel Cruz. Gabriel is not from Earth, but he is a friend of Ethan and Asia’s friends and agrees to help the doctor find his wife and son…no matter what. Lana gets to witness Gabriel’s abilities and while she doesn’t not fully believe how he came upon the clue and information, she can’t help but feel in her gut that he is telling the truth. Even thought other agent seem to not believe him.

The intense attraction between Lana and Gabriel is off the charts HOT!! They are both looking for clues on finding the “people” who took the woman and her son, but they each have a different way of getting the information to lead them to finding the pair. But, they are not only fighting their attraction and chemistry, but a deadly team of alien hunters out to destroy them! This world is just as well built as before, leading me to believe everything the author created was real and not just a story in her head! When they finally get together, the passion is white hot. Gabriel’s telepathic abilities even heat up their intercourse, taking mental stimulation to another level.

Filled with so much action and adventure, with the sci-fi and mystery included,It is still an amazing story that kept me entertained and not wanting to put it down! A complex story with many characters, the plot is original but easy to follow. The story moves at a steady place with well developed characters, there is an equal amount of drama, action, danger, suspense and romance. Overall I truly enjoyed reading Trouble in Mind and feel that those who like sci-fi will enjoy it as well. I truly enjoyed the story and really liked all of the characters. I would definitely read more books by Donna S. Frelick.
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