True Colours (You Don't Know Me #2)True Colours by Mandy Lee
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TRUE COLOURS is the second book in the YOU DON’T KNOW ME trilogy by MANDY LEE. Mandy Lee is a new author for me and I find her writing very refreshing. This trilogy has colorful characters and an intriguing story line. When I finished the first book I immediately started on the second. Maya and Dan hold a VERY special place in my heart and I have to know how their story ends. The secondary characters in this story are just as fascinating and very important to the story. I am totally hooked on this series. Mandy Lee has written a phenomenal story with characters that will become part of your world. Be ready to lose some sleep when you start this series. You won’t be able to read “just one more chapter”.

What an emotional read! I feel like I have been on a never ending roller coaster. Maya and Dan’s story is humorous, full of hot sex, extremely romantic, dangerous, and the most amazing love story! Although they seem to be total opposites, they have an extraordinary chemistry that is off the charts. They are bound and determined to work out their problems so they can get on with their lives together. However, there are a few things that threaten to destroy their relationship. Trust is one of those issues and they both struggle daily in their own way to deal with it.

Maya runs away and hides at any sign of trouble and avoids the issues. She has made many promises to Dan to stop running and stay and work out the problems with him. As she discovers the factors that make up Dan’s complex life, she quickly discovers the real Dan. He is caring, considerate, loving, honest, successful, committed and faithful. He will go to any length to keep her safe and make her happy. As Dan and Maya work out their issues, there is one enormous obstacle still standing in their way of happiness. A relationship from Maya’s past has resurfaced. Her ex was cruel and abusive to her, and when the relationship ended, Maya left town to escape the dangers he posed. Unfortunately, he was able to locate Maya and threatens to destroy her future with Dan. This story has left me wanting much more. I can’t imagine what the next and last book in the trilogy will bring, but I am pulling for a happily ever after for Dan and May. They definitely have a relationship worth fighting for. Come on Mandy Lee. I can’t stand this suspense.

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