Twice upon a Time (The Black Angel Book Series, #1)Twice upon a Time by Hope Irving
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Hope Irving writes in the most unique way that it leaves you hanging from word to word, chapter to chapter. Twice Upon A Time is a very remarkable novel that not only blends past and present together but adds in a little something extra for the readers to enjoy. When I first started reading Twice Upon A Time, I thought that maybe it was set in the present and would be more of a historical novel rather than one that is set in the past and present and can transition from one to the other without getting the reader confused as to what is going on. Irving writes with such a passion that you as the reader can’t help but get drawn in and not want to put the book down. (I didn’t and I was reading on my kindle.)
Irving’s cast of characters, in my opinion, is a set that is more like the people you meet today’s time with their different problems and the dysfunctional family aspect is hilarious. At least someone can relate to that with their own family. I can and I thought that at first I was reading something about mine. There is heart break, love, and friendship all rolled into this neat little package that at a glance, you would never know it was there. Surrounded by ups and downs, her characters live their lives and go with the flow. Mo matter what is thrown at them the figure a way to come together and together they find their happily ever after.
If you want a more down to earth and real life novel to read that doesn’t quite fit the non-fiction part of the library, then Twice Upon A Time is the novel for you to read. Hope Irving is a fantastic author and no matter the age of the person reading they will fall in love with her and her work.
Twice upon a time is a second chance at happily ever after!

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