Twisted Bloodlines (Twisted Bloodlines #1)Twisted Bloodlines by Linda Jackson
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I cannot put into words, the wrecking ball that is the drama in this story! Megan and Jase are twins, raised on the run from a father with no scruples. He’s a modem day Monstrous Psychopath, with a completely unnatural fixation on his daughter.
Megan and Jase are clueless about why they are on the run, if a mistake is made or a flunky spotted they bolt.
When they run to cottage in a small town, things change for them, they are allowed to put down roots and live at least a little. They get a step dad and Mom seems happier. But Megan’s nightmare is just beginning.
She makes a friend in a boy who lives across the way Trey, soon become best friend and they are inseparable. Though Jase has never been thrilled about their friendship, he has the chance to live a little too and he turns into the typical hot guy with a tons of female admiration. But there’s an undercurrent that never lets Megan settle. After the traumatic experience that lead to their run to the Cottage and Mom’s long lost love Peter moving in, there haven’t been many surprises. Until Peter’s nephews Blake and Devon come to stay. When Megan realizes that Blake is her rescuer from that long ago flight from Daddy Dearest, she’s happy about it. But Blake may have saved her but that doesn’t mean he knows how to be nice to her. Devon is easy going and funny, but Blake is distant and everyone is hiding something, even Trey who’s been acting different lately. The secrets, pile up, Megan is always in the dark and the last to know. When things do come to light she has to pry them loose with a crowbar. I can’t help but think that if she had a least a little of the story things would have worked out better, but you know family doing what they think is best even if it’s not.
Meagan is going to have to face her past, meet the man of her dreams, deal with the betrayed of family, uncover secrets, and become the special women everyone is hoping and all without losing her mind.
Definitely action packed and fast paced. When the ball rolls careful it doesn’t roll you over. Great read, looking forward to reading more from this author.
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