Tyrant (Scars of the Wraiths #2)Tyrant by Nashoda Rose
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Tyrant by Author Nashoda Rose is the second book in her Scars of Wraith series and should be read after Stygian. This series has blown me away to date in the very best way possible. I have been a huge fan of Author Nashoda Rose since her very first book and each book/series after that has just gotten even better. Her writing is impeccable, the storylines are filled with action, suspense, mystery along with strong, caring and very sexy characters.

Tyrant starts out not long after Stygian ends and because I had read that book so long ago I was worried that I wouldn’t remember. I am happy to say that as soon as I started this book, all of the memories came rushing back. I was able to immediately jump right back into this storyline without missing a beat! I felt like I was right there alongside this gang and everything that they had been through.

The most intriguing thing about this story as with the others, is that, each book isn’t solely focused on just one couple. I absolutely love that each book keeps building upon the original storyline, keeping the reader in close to contact with secondary characters and their relationships and/or potential relationships, wink, wink. Nashoda Rose is truly a remarkable author, she knows how to weave a story from conception and keeps it growing to new and higher levels with each book and it blows my mind. Her attention to detail, the way she throws in twists and turns, undeniable sexual chemistry and tensions, adds drama and angst and all the while never straying off the beaten path, I am in awe of her talent.

Kilter and Rayne were great characters. I loved that they both were guarded and yet, as a reader I was always in tune with their most intimate thoughts. I was able to fully connect and invest in the both of them from start until finish. I loved them both and my love just got stronger and stronger for them as their story unfolded. They were perfect for each other in every way and although what they thought was “love” had hurt them in the past, TRUE love brought them together. Their story wasn’t an easy one and their road was bumpy at times, but I never doubted their connection through it all. I understood why things happened the way they had and never wished it had been played out any differently, it was perfect.

Author Nashoda Rose is more than just a brilliant writer, she’s a literary genius. I am chomping at the bit for Waleron and Delara’s story and will drop everything as soon as it gets out to read it because THAT storyline has had me hooked from book one. I implore anyone who has not picked up any of her work to date, you will not regret it! Congrats to her on another home run.
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