Undone, Volume 1 (Undone, #1)Undone, Volume 1 by Callie Harper
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Undone: Volume 1 by Callie Harper
Hot flash heaven. Starting off with a great scene and introduces you to the characters straight off.

Ash is sex in leather pants. Rock and roll legend and in a lot of trouble. Apparently breaking up with a celebrity isn’t as easy when everyone has a camera phone, and she’s a very accomplished PR nightmare.

Ana is quiet, reserved, and a librarian/piano teacher. Want to rebuild your image? She’s a perfect match. Being used though? Will it break her? But the children’s library she works at may close without her doing this. So she takes a deal with the devilishly sexy rock star and saves her books.

Meeting Ana after trying to lose the paparazzi, Ash sees something he wants. A lot. How far will he go to get it? Letting his PR agent handle the details and getting all the perks. Now that is his kind of life! Ana is enjoying this time with Ash in a way she didn’t expect. Is she going to fall for him in all the ways she shouldn’t? Probably. Ash is delicious in all the most expected ways and so sweet in all the needed ones.

I’m on the edge of my seat to read the next installment. I can’t believe the twists, the turns, and major dynamics that take place and that’s the just first volume. It digs into you, keeps you interested, wanting to go to the next page. And the next and on and on. Ending?! NOOO! I want more! I can’t stop myself from wanting to yell at them both like they can hear me. I want Ash to succeed in his goal to regain his reputation but I also want Ana to make him fall madly in love with her and make it so he never leaves. I don’t know which way it will go though.
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