Undone, Volume 2 (Undone, #2)Undone, Volume 2 by Callie Harper
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Undone: Volume 2 by Callie Harper
Ash and Ana are still at it. And restoring Ash’s image, though still a bad boy rock star sex god, is on track.

A few moments along sneaking in here and there around the PR stuff already planned out and scheduled for them. Christmas, Paris, and New Year’s in Vegas. What could possibly go wrong, right? However having everything handled and a no sex clause in the agreement that will help gain this image reboot isn’t going to work for Ash. So when things go in a direction they aren’t supposed to…. People and press can be overwhelming at the best of times, and when you’re put on display at all moments in your life, who says when it stops?

MORE! I want MORE! This isn’t enough, not by a long shot. The cliffhangers are killing me. I am driven to know what happens next. Their story isn’t over. It just can’t be over. And ohh but I want them to make it. I am so impressed with this writer’s insight and writing style. The flow, and inner workings of the characters come alive and boost you up. You feel the lows and the highs. Each in turn and each with a sense of pride, shame, and longing. I so very much want more of this.
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