Undone, Volume 3 (Undone, #3)Undone, Volume 3 by Callie Harper
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Ash Black has kidnapped his lovely Ms. Ana. After proposing on New Year’s Eve on stage for all the world to see and ensure the continuation of his farce to rehab his image, Ash had decided he doesn’t want it to end at all. Ana though is done, ready to head back to New York and away from the wild ride that is Ash’s life. After unknowingly rescuing her from his long time friend and band mate Conner, Ash takes her to a cabin in the mountains where the snow is not to let up for almost a week.

Ana gives all. After waking up from being drugged and in a strange place what’s a girl to do? She loves Ash. It shows in many ways. But giving him all control is the major one that is pushed at you. Playing for him, with him, and allowing him to play with her. Letting Ash take control and enjoying the hell out of it along the way. Then it goes to hell in a more literal way.

I was a little aggravated at first with this one. The many times that it’s said “No one will find out” or “No one needs to know” gives a sense of dread or warning that someone is going to find out. It did pick up though, and wowzers did it ever give me a thrill. I laughed, I OOOO’d and Wow’d, I also cried. A very emotional ending to a fantastic rock star ride. I want to be a librarian. And I can’t wait until I can read the next set Untamed about grizzly brother Heathcliff.

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