Unexpectedly YoursUnexpectedly Yours by Coleen Kwan
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Derek Carmichael is gorgeous, charming, and now a television star. He’s made a life and career for himself. He’s on the covers of magazines, people recognize him everywhere he goes, and he gets all the ladies. The only thing that’s missing is the one person he wants to share his life with. Sure, the girls and meaningless sex can be fun, but he thinks it’s about time for him to settle down with someone he truly loves. Hannah Willmett is newly divorced, moving back to where she grew up. She’s been through a lot of heartache, and doesn’t know if a new relationship is worth it. She has dreams of going to nursing school, but she sticks with working at a senior home for now, saving up money to be able to pursue her dreams. Derek goes back to his hometown every now and again to check up on his grandfather. He’s a bitter old man, but Derek always makes sure he has what he needs and he’s taken care of. Derek sees his best friend Caleb, while he makes a trip back home. Caleb has an older sister, Hannah. Hannah is a few years older than Derek and Caleb, and when she sees Derek for the first time in a long time, she’s drawn to how grown up he’s become. She’s used to the awkward teenage years for Derek, but he’s changed into a completely handsome man. She knows it would be wrong for her to be with Derek, seeing that he’s a lot younger than she is, and she’s newly divorced, but she can’t help how attracted she is to him. Derek has always thought Hannah was the one for him. She’s smart, beautiful, and took care of Derek and Caleb when they were kids. Now that they’re both older, it’s time for them to start exploring their attraction and feelings for each other. Will Derek and Hannah finally find their happily ever after? Will they both fall in love unconditionally with each other? Or is it just sexual tension?
This book was wonderful! The characters are great and have developed a complex relationship. Highly recommended!

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