Unlawful Attraction: The Complete Box Set: Alpha Billionaire RomanceUnlawful Attraction: The Complete Box Set: Alpha Billionaire Romance by M. S. Parker
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UNLAWFUL ATTRACTION, an Alpha Billionaire Romance, is M. S. PARKER’S latest romance series and proves once again why she is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR. It is a complete boxset and can be read as a standalone. However, the characters are also deeply rooted in her other Alpha Billionaire series. UNLAWFUL ATTRACTION is undeniably the perfect series if you are looking for a really great steamy, sexy hot, erotic romance story. M.S. Parker has created another insanely tremendous series, unforgettable characters, a bit of mystery and suspense, and a very unique plot that will keep you drawn in until the very last page.

Dena Monroe is a twenty-six-year-old, petite, stunning blonde lawyer, that just landed her dream job as an assistant prosecuting attorney for the city of Manhattan. She has always wanted to be an integral part of making sure that criminals paid for the crimes they committed. This decision had been inspired by a tragedy in her past. However, from the first day of her new job, Dena discovered that life is not always fair and sometimes people aren’t always who they seem to be.

Arik Porter is drop dead gorgeous, totally sexy, amazingly rich, and also a lawyer. His talents lie on the opposite side of the courtroom than Dena. He is a defense attorney. Arik’s decision to specialize in defense was also driven by a tragedy in his past.

Dena’s very good friends, Carrie and Gavin, own Club Prive, a sex club that catered to the bdsm lifestyle. One night while Dena was there celebrating her new job with Carrie and Gavin, and their other friends, Krissy, DeVon, and Leslie, she met Arik. The sparks started flying from their first conversation. The attraction was real. Neither one had been in a relationship before and weren’t looking for one now. They were both invested in their careers. They just couldn’t seem to forget about the other one.

As it turns out, they didn’t realize they were working on the same case. The twists and turns that follow take dangerous detours, and have some very sexy, erotic twists, as well.

Will Arik and Dena be able to overcome the problems their careers present?

Will they be able to switch from a life of one night stands to a relationship?
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