Why Now?Why Now? by Carey Heywood
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Why Now? By Carey Heywood is a fantastic book. It’s the story of Kacey, who has been in love with Jake for as long as she can remember. Jake is her best friend’s older brother and she never thought he would ever look at her the way she always looked at him. Twenty years later, Jake returns home to find Kacey, his little sister’s best friend, now engaged to his friend. Now, the one thing Kacey has always wanted is now right in front of her wanting her back.
This book was so emotional for me. I caught myself grabbing for the Kleenex just from the prologue. The scene was so detailed involving the dog, and I have a soft spot for all animals. The writing in this story was one of my favorite things. It really helped me connect with the characters and story itself. Wow can Carey write from a male’s perspective too. She did a fantastic job. A lot of times I really look for a book that has the guy’s point of view as detailed and emotional as the female’s, which doesn’t always happen. Carey has a great way of capturing so much detail and history with the characters that you truly feel like you are a part of the story.
This story is basically a love triangle of sorts. What girl doesn’t love a good juicy love triangle? There was so much tension, love, heartbreak. My emotions were going crazy reading this. She really makes you fall in love with Jake every step of the way. I definitely put him in a book boyfriend category. Every girl has had that one crush that always seemed so out of reach growing up, especially if you had an older brother who had lots of friends. This book really brings back those type of memories which I think really helps readers connect more to the story and make it overall more emotional for them. I can’t wait to read more books by Carey. Now one of my favorite authors! I’m so anxious to read the next book in this series.
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