Wild Ride: Part 2 (Phoenix Heart MC, #1)Wild Ride: Part 2 by K. Renee
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This is my first book by this author and I can say with all honesty it started off crazy and I was happy to go along for the ride. From the beginning I could tell it was going to be a pretty good book. And I am glad that the author did not drag things out and the story moved along at a good pace. Matt (Maverick) Henry is a member of a rival motorcycle club and rolls into town to warn an old friend that his motor cycle

Club is coming after his sister and him to get revenge for some past dealings. Hunter is Leary of believing him but also doesn’t feel like he would lie. Hunter messed up the friendship with Maverick. Shay is Hunters sister and is stubborn and has some serious attitude for lack of a better term. She’s not afraid and gets really annoyed at her brother Hunters over protectiveness. Her and Maverick had a hot night the night before so things are all awkward because they know each other more than they are letting on. Their attraction to each other is super intense and literally everyone can see it. And when this threat is made on her life She really doesn’t take it seriously and ends up getting captured. After this really bad guy named cutter gets her and does horrible things to her Maverick feels she has to go into hiding to be protected. A lot of stuff goes down with the clubs before the end of the book. I felt that it was pretty well written and that the story flowed really nicely. My favorite quote from the book was “Shay, you were just in the f***ing hospital because you thought you could protect yourself. I won’t let that f***ing happen to you again. I know you can f***ing protect yourself in ninety percent of the problems you’re going to encounter, but you need to stop thinking your f***ing invincible. Let me f***ing protect you like any old man should. I will f***ing give my last breath for you,” I grate out. “What?” she stutters out. “Babe, what part didn’t you get?” I ask.” There is a lot of cussing and sex in this book I do not recommend for anyone younger then at least 15/16.
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