Write Me HomeWrite Me Home by Crystal Walton
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This was my first read by this author, and surely won’t be my last. I really liked the authors writing style. I was hooked from beginning to end. I liked the way the characters were written. They both had something missing from their lives, and the author has the characters creating the missing pieces of their puzzles, which I loved. I liked the story line a lot as well as the characters. So this was a love story and a bit of a mystery. It was also a combination of humor, family, love, friendship, on the edge of your seat suspense and drama. So the story was about a man named Ethan DeLuca, who’s a fire fighter. He’s back in town to help take her of his Nona. Ethan is also a handy man, who fixes just about anything including the Heroine Cassidy. Her grandfather had just passed away so she’s a bit lost and confused . Some might even say broken.
I thought Ethan and Cassidy were both strong characters in their own ways, and Ethan was helping Cassidy with her grief while their romance blossomed. Their chemistry was practically radiating off the pages, Ethan was so swoon worthy I wish I had him. Their love was swoon worthy. I laughed and cried right along with them. On some occasions I even yelled. But did enjoy the sizzling moments they shared, along with the moments they were both stubborn and confused. I especially loved Cassidy’s friend Ti. I hope she gets her own story.
I liked how the author brought the story together, it was fast paced but overall enjoyable. She brought the characters together so flawlessly even Ethan was trying to rescue Ti he was such a beautiful selfless person, always putting people before others which was always making my heart yearn more for him. Overall it was a great read, even one of the best reads this year!! Looking forward to more reads by this author.
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