Yes, Mr. Van Der Wells (Not Another Billionaire Romance)Yes, Mr. Van Der Wells by S. Ann Cole
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Yes, Mr. Van der Wells by S. Ann Cole, was such a wonderful and different take on a billionaire romance. It felt real and as it says it is NOT a regular old billionaire story. This book follows Charlotte Cooley and her mess of a life at the young age of 19. We get a pretty good prologue told by Nate Van der Wells and it packs quite the punch. Nate finds that his lifelong crush, who happens to be his wife, Sienna has been cheating on him. He isn’t your average young billionaire. He’s almost 300 pounds and none of its muscle. He loves his food and refuses to change that. Even after a health scare in the private investigators office. When he gets caught lying saying he’s going to the gym but headed for the bakery his 16 year old neighbor, Charlotte Cooley, bets him $50 he won’t run with her. One day Charlotte’s dad gets busted for embezzlement and Charlotte and her mom disappear. But Nate keeps running. Fast forward 3 years and we are now in Charlotte’s mind. She is broke, jobless , and in an abusive relationship with a man named Andrew. She drives his cab when he let’s her to earn money . After catching him cheating, again, and getting hurt again, she is driving looking for a fate when a man only clad in his underwear is being chased by a man wielding throwing knives. He gets in and asks to be taken home. She follows him into his penthouse apartment waiting to be paid and notices his place is a mess. They run into each other again at the park and she asks if she can be a live in housemaid. From there things look up until she finds out who he is and that he lied to her. See when he introduced himself he said his name was Noah but he’s really Nate. They have a running roller coaster of flirting, jealousy and demons to fight both separate and together. When truths come out and feelings get involved it all comes to a big cluster of panic. Will Charlotte have Nate/Noah in her corner or will her ex Andrew finally get what he wants and own her for good? When secrets are uncovered and trust is lost who will save Charlotte when she needs it most?

So much happens in this book its impossible to condense it into minimal words as you end up missing so many key points that make this book into the wonderful piece of work that it is. This is at the moment a standalone but I’m dying to know what happens next with not just the main characters but the supporting characters as well. The big message I got from this book was the same, never judge a book hubs cover or you’ll miss the best inside.

Charlotte Cooley is down on her luck after her fathers embezzlement disaster. Her mother is just a body in her life and the only one who shows her attention is her crazy boyfriend Andrew . When things start to get worse she looks for a way out and finds it in the man she saved one night. Charlotte or Lotty is a flirtatious, witty young woman who is trying to earn money to get to her only family in Brazil. When feelings get involved with her boss and his family she tries to make the best decision for herself and everyone around her.

Nate is now the average billionaire we come to know when we read. He can get any woman, whenever wherever. Except Charlotte. Nate/Noah is very protective and jealous of the flirty nature of Charlotte. Since being cheated on he won’t take that chance again. When given ultimatums he chooses the hardest route.

I really enjoyed this book and I was sad to see it end as I want more of all the characters. The author just sucked me in and never let me go until the end. This is a must read .

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