You Don't Know Me (You Don't Know Me #1)You Don’t Know Me by Mandy Lee
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YOU DON’T KNOW ME by MANDY LEE is the first book in the YOU DON’T KNOW ME trilogy. I loved this book from the start. Mandy Lee has captivated me with this unique, romantic, mysterious, erotic, sometimes humorous, love story. It is erotic, but offers so much more. This story takes many twists and turns, and has a very unexpected ending. Mandy Lee has written a beautiful love story about two people who are haunted by a troubled past.

Maya Scotton is a young, beautiful artist, who has lost her passion for painting. She is forced to take a secretary position at a construction business to pay the bills. On her first day she has a chance encounter with the jaw dropping handsome owner of the company, Dan Foster. Their first meeting did not go well and she was so afraid that he would fire her. Boy was she surprised when he started showing a surprising interest in her. Very troubling relationships in Mayas past has caused her to be extremely cautious, but Dan has definitely got her attention.

Daniel Foster is the CEO of a hugely successful construction business, FOSTER CONSTRUCTION. He is amazingly handsome, sexy hot, successful, very rich, and has a disturbing dark past. Relationships are not his cup of tea, so when he finds himself deeply interested in the new secretary, he is in uncharted territories.

Maya and Dan find themselves in a very steam relationship where the chemistry is off the charts. Maya knows that she is in over her head and tries to resist him, but the temptation is just too great. When Dan’s friends start to warn her that he will hurt her, she gets scared and tries her best to distance herself and break things off. Only Dan is clearly not going to stop until he gets what he wants.

Their on again, off again hot, hot, hot relationship will draw you in and keep you on the edge of your seat. Dan has given her the confidence she needs to start painting again and he is happier than he has been in a very long time. Even Dan’s friends start to believe their relationship could have a happy ending. But just when you think they are going to have their happily ever after, there is a surprising twist that no one saw coming. I love the way Mandy Lee hinted at the surprise throughout the book, but it was so slight you quickly became involved in the story again and disregarded it.

Will Maya and Dan be able to get past this deep, dark secret?

Will Maya be able to forgive Dan for what she feels is the ultimate betrayal?

YOU DON’T KNOW ME does end in a cliffhanger. Since I can’t wait to continue Maya and Dan’s story, I have to end this review and begin TRUE COLOURS, the second book in the YOU DON’T KNOW ME trilogy.
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